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An affordable & efficient way to make busy periods stress-free.

If you need a web developer on a short-term basis to cover annual leave, busy times, or at short notice, I’m your secret weapon. With years of experience working for startups, tech companies, agencies, and national and international companies of all shapes and sizes, I bring a happy, can-do attitude and extensive B2B and B2C commercial experience to the table.

  • Holiday, maternity, & emergency cover for your in-house developers.
  • Take the stress out of busy periods with extra short-term web developer support.
  • Fit seamlessly into your existing team.
  • Choose in-house, remote work, or a combination of both.
  • Evening and weekend hours available.
  • Reliable & trustworthy.
  • Great at working under pressure.
  • Fixed hourly and day rates: hire me for 1/2 day and up.
  • Retainers available.

10 Years+ Experience

I have a huge range of projects under my belt, from full website builds to modifying and updating legacy code. I love new challenges, and I’m happy to dig through errors and quirks so find out what’s going on under the hood and help you reach your project goals in the best way for you.


My strongest skill is PHP, and I’m happy to work with raw code, a range of PHP-based CMSs (including custom ones), and frameworks such as Symfony and Laravel. For specifics, please get in touch using the form below.

Discretion Guaranteed

I sign non-disclosure agreements for the majority of the work I do, and I’m always happy to protect the interests of the companies and departments I contract for as much as possible.


Whether your projects have international security implications or you just don’t want your competitors getting hold of any inside knowledge, I provide ultimate discretion as standard.

A Natural Fit For Your Team

With years of experience fitting into one-person companies and teams of national brands alike, I’m a self-starter, settle in quickly, and I’m very low maintenance – all I need is a chair and a desk!


I’m happy to work remotely, as part of your in-house team, or a combination of both; please see below for geographical restrictions.

"Joseph worked his magic on our default WHMCS affiliate system using their (sparsely documented!) API and now it's actually workable for our business with all the practical features we need!" Jenni Brown
"It has been a total relief to know that regardless of issues that arise, he is on hand and is happy to be proactive in preempting any issue to ensure my site is at its optimal." Jaime Hosting -
"Joseph has been my go-to guru of all things website, from site issues, layouts and plugins to Google Analytics issues and resolves. He has been a continual support, often way over and above my expectations to ensure I've been happy and understand what either I need to do or what he can do his end.  " Jaime Hosting -

What can I do for you?

Below I’ve listed some of the things I’ve worked on in a contract capacity in the past to give you an idea of some of the services I can provide. I’m always open to new projects and suggestions; just let me know what you’re looking for.

Full Website Builds

Development of bespoke PHP websites based on provided specifications and PSDs or other design resources. Including the use of frameworks such as Symfony or Silex.

CMS Development work

Including, but not limited to, custom functionality, plugins, custom post types and platform transfers.

Theme Development

Bespoke WordPress theme development based on provided mockups, specifications and other design resources.

API Development & Integration

Including writing PHP libraries for existing APIs, start to finish development of APIs (including integration with front end projects), and creating detailed documentation.

Legacy code updates

From adding new functionality, modifying existing functionality or bugfixing to full rebuilds of legacy projects.

Coding Bits & Bobs

All manner of small coding tasks from tweaking a WordPress plugin to assembling HTML5 display ads and more.

Get In Touch

Talk to me about what you’re looking for, learn more about my current availability or ask any questions by filling out the form below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!